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Top 6 Online Sports Magazines

The Internet has brought many changes to our lives. Almost anything you need to know can be found online. News from around the world, travel recommendations, latest gadgets, upcoming movies, and tv shows, as well as all the sports facts and recent events that you want to know more about. This has greatly influenced the newspaper companies that had to switch to a more modern way of communicating information and news to people. However, not every sports magazine is a good one, and the difference between the two lies in the experienced writers and dedicated reporters with years of experience. True sports fans avoid sports magazines that try to attract the audience by reporting false news or twisting the truth. Below you will find a list of sports magazines that are worth subscribing to but also that have a regular update of newsworthy of every sports fan.

Sports Illustrated

The saying goes “Save the best for last.” But not in this case. The most popular sports magazine in America, Sports Illustrated has been delivering quality news and trends from the world of sports since 1954. A weekly publication has also its presence online and it is an important authority when it comes to events and people of American sports. 

Runner’s World

For all running fans or future Usain Bolts out there, Runner’s World is a must-have. All the information you are looking for from trending diets and best running shoes to stories about your favorite runners, Runner’s World has it. Moreover, you can also learn more about different techniques of running but also be up-to-date with all major events from this sport. 


Not only sports fans like cycling. For the majority of people, this is a go-to sport when they want to stay fit but also to relax and enjoy the fresh air. A magazine called “Bicycling” has dedicated itself to cover everything a fan should know when it comes to this sport. Articles about road cycling but also educational ones that can help you with your training plan.

Golf Digest

Are you wondering where to find the best golf equipment? Are you curious about what to expect from the next Masters? If so, then Golf Digest will keep you posted about everything you need to know. However, this magazine can also be helpful to recreational players and even more to beginners that are just starting to have an interest in this sport. 


Gathering daily news from around the globe, tennis magazine brings you the best and most updated news from the world of tennis. Find out who is number one today on the ATP or WTA  list, or what hot match is next. Keep track of your favorite players and learn all the fun facts about this thrilling sport. 


What better name for a magazine that will be your main source of information from the basketball world. All players and top moments from the NBA league are now in one place. A true basketball fan will enjoy this site and visit it regularly.