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Self-Publishing Companies Guide for the First-Time Writers

In this era we live in, ebooks are outselling printed books. Moreover, self-publishing companies are responsible for around 40% of all ebooks sold. In fact, now is the perfect time for self-publishers to thrive, as more and more people are opting for ebooks. 

In case you are wondering whether self-publishing is a good option for you, stick with us and learn a bit more about it and get to know which are the top publishing companies for new authors.

How it Works

The self-publishing companies will convert the writer’s manuscript into a format appropriate for different online bookstores and publish it. In addition, some of these companies often offer some additional services such as text editing, formatting, book design, marketing, etc. Such an opportunity might be just what a newbie writer might need.  

These self-publishing companies can be divided into two types: aggregators and retailers. The first one will publish the book, and make sure to distribute it to partner bookstores and libraries, and even allow access to bookstores that don’t accept ebooks directly from writers. On the other hand, retailer companies are the ones that sell the ebooks only in their own store. However, some of these might include services such as the distribution of ebooks to other retailers. 

Take a look at some of the most popular self-publishing companies you can use when publishing an ebook. 


The full name is Kindle Direct Publishing, and they publish books and retails them, too. These ebooks can be accessed via Kindle devices or the Kindle app. It is owned by bu amazon, and it is a great opportunity for new writers. They also offer various programs such as KDP Select with many perks for promotion, so they are definitely a company you would want to check. 


This online self-publishing company ebook distributor who sells books via their own bookstore. In addition, they distribute them to other bookstores such as Kobo, Amazon or even Apple. If you decided to publish an ebook with this company, you should know that it is free. They do offer some additional services you can pay for, though. 


This is Apple’s service and they are currently one of the greatest ebook retailers. They offer dozens of country-specific online ebook stores. Moreover, the authors can set a different price in different currencies for their books in different countries. the only minor “setback” is that the user has to publish via a Mac.