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About the Global Education Network
The Global Education Network consists of teachers, students, and members of the Community at large who believe that teaching and learning must integrate the interdependency of the social, economic, environmental, and political aspects of our world. As citizens of the world we have responsibilites towards our global community; a global education approach to teaching focuses on the students' place in the world community. Globally aware students will be more inclined to take responsible action to change their world for the better of all. To that end, we are creating an on-line directory of resources to be used in any curriculum area at any level.

How To Use This Directory
A Guided Tour of the Global Education Web site for Junior teachers (PDF).
To go directly to an agency, enter the name in the search box at the top of any page. Or go to the category and use the keys beside the entries to guide you in making a choice.

Students, teachers and others looking for activities and educational materials dealing with a specific topic of importance to Global Education, can open a section of the directory from the categories listed in the menu graphic at the top of the page, and find a variety of organizations providing help in that area. If, for example, you are teaching or studying the economic impact of fair trade in grade 10, you may want to go the "Fair Trade" section of the Development pages for more information. These are carefully selected links that have been chosen by teachers as the best of the available links on that topic on the internet.

Use the menu options under the banner to:
- Suggest a Site for consideration in the directory
- What's New; to check out new links, usually in November and March
- Most Popular: automatically rates those links most often used
- Top Rated: Vote for your favourite link
- Email Newsletters: Sign up to receive regular news and notes of changes

The Keys
The following icons in our listings provide guidance to the user:
Teacher = Teacher packages   
= Student packages
new = added within last 14 days
pop = one of the most visited sites

We also recommend books and other resources about Global Education. They are listed on the additional resources page.