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4 Types of Book Publishing Companies For Beginners

Anyone who has ever dreamed of becoming a writer discovered the many options when it comes to booking publishing. Especially now, in the age of technology! When websites like, Twitch or even the Barns & Noble exist, why wouldn’t there be websites talking about publishing companies? It is a subject that should not be overlooked and taken for granted. After you come to that well-known “The End”, a question remains – What next? Depending on the genre you are writing there are different possibilities for your book. The types of book publishers vary, and they are mainly connected to a certain type of market for different books. Other than trade publishers, there are also academic publishers, professional publishers, and self-publishing services. 

Trade Publishers

These type of publishers have their own bookstores. They acquire a book, that then goes through the process of editing. After that, the book is published and sold in the stores belonging to the publisher. The books which are acquired by these type of publishers are usually aimed at consumer readership. The topics and genres vary as well as the format in which the book is printed. 

Textbook and Academic Publishers

Textbooks and academic publishers are in charge of printing books that will be used in schools and universities. They are usually focused on a specific course syllabus. So if you are interested in publishing a book that will be used in education you should find this type of publisher.

Professional Publishers

If you have an aspiration of writing a book that is specifically related to an area of knowledge like architecture, medicine, law, you should contact a professional publisher. These types of publishers print books that are aimed at professionals who need reliable information about a certain topic. With the everlasting development of technology, we live in times where most of the information changes or is being updated almost daily. This is why these type of books has been moved predominantly to the online format. It is easier to access needed information from the book but also to update it on a regular basis. 

Self-Publishing Services

The Internet allowed writers to have control over their own publication, like never before in history. With self-publishing services like Lulu and Blurb, the author of the book is responsible for the book’s printing or online availability. However, this all comes at a cost. While trade publishers cover the expanses of publishing when it comes to self-publishing services everything is being paid by the author. But if the author is not accepted by any publishing company but still believes in the value of the written word, the self-publishing service is one of the ways to deliver the book to its aimed audience. No matter the result, this type of publishing services offer writers the opportunity to give their own book a shot when no one else is willing to.